Nassau County

Established in 2019, Green Energy & Air Tech has been providing high-quality and consistent heating and cooling services to residents in Nassau County and its surrounding areas. Our range of services is extensive, and it includes routine maintenance, installations and upgrades, and emergency repairs of air-conditioning, water heater, and heating systems.

About Nassau County

Nassau County is located within the New York state of the United States. It saw approximately 1,339,532 residents as of the year 2010 and 9 years after, the figure has spiked to 1,356,924. The county has Mineola holding its county seat whereas Hempstead is its largest town. The western region of Long Island is where Nassau County is whilst its western district borders the Queens borough within the city of New York.

Cooling Services in Nassau County

A cooling system that is regularly maintained can help cut down on monthly utilities. A well-maintaining air-conditioning unit is not required to work harder, and it is also likely to function much longer without breakdowns.

Heating Services in Nassau County

We have a team of highly trained technicians that is proficient in the repair works, servicing, and replacements of heating systems. We also maintain gas furnaces, humidifiers, heat pumps, and boilers.

Cooling and Heating System Installations in Nassau County

Once you have selected the highly recommended heating or cooling system for your home, proper installation will help ensure that your unit continues to become energy efficient. We advise homeowners to get their system checked over regular intervals to ensure their unit is not working extremely hard and incur more utility costs.

Smart Home Solutions in Nassau County

Green Energy & Air Tech specializes in linking your house to any smart device. It can control your home’s zone-based thermostat, smart vents, as well as other applications that can be controlled through an app.

Commercial HVAC Installations, Maintenance, and Repairs in Nassau County

For a business setting, the requirements of HVAC installation and maintenance works may be different from those that cater to residences. Our team can help you to decide on the type of system that is suitable for your warehouse, office, or any other commercial building. Rest assured that our aim is for you to remain comfortable while working and save money at the same time.

Servicing Contracts in Nassau County

Heating and cooling systems need to be cleaned regularly. This can help prevent the system from getting clogged by dirt and debris. Should it ever get blocked, the system needs to work extra hard and in turn requiring more energy. In order for you to see a plunge in your monthly utilities, we recommend signing up for a service contract which can help to guarantee the continuous function of your air-conditioning units, boilers, and air ducts.

Why You Should Work with Green Energy & Air Tech in Nassau County

Green Energy & Air Tech stays true to our belief that you can still live in comfort without having to spend so much on utilities. We work with every client to understand their individual needs before recommending the exact system that is suitable for their property. Our team of A/C and heating specialists is equipped with years of industrial experience that is essential to tackle every heating and cooling assignment.

If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy cooling and heating specialist in Nassau County, Green Energy & Air Tech can help. Feel free to call (631) 392-6655 to schedule a consultation with us or use our online booking system!

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