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Since our inception in 2019, we have been receiving positive feedback from past and existing customers. Green Energy & Air Tech has a competent team of heating and cooling specialists who are equipped with the proper tools and skills to take care of your units. Regardless of how big or small your request is, we can handle routine maintenance, installations, upgrades, and emergency repairs of air-conditioning, water heater, and heating systems with ease.

About Suffolk County

Suffolk County is located within the easternmost region of New York in United States. It is a suburban county with approximately 1,493,350 residents as shown in records from 2010. This figure is much higher than the population of the suburban county in 2019 which saw a slight decrease. It is the fourth-most populated county within New York itself and Riverhead is its county seat.

Cooling Services in Suffolk County

Do not continue using your air-conditioning system throughout a prolonged period of time without ever getting it serviced. The absence of regular maintenance can cause debris buildup which clogs up your system and in turn consumes more energy.

Heating Services in Suffolk County

Heating systems are similar to cooling systems in the sense that regular maintenance determines how much each unit consumes. When your unit gets serviced periodically, you can rest assured that your gas furnaces, humidifiers, heat pumps, and boilers can continue working efficiently.

Cooling and Heating System Installations in Suffolk County

Never try installing your cooling or heating system on your own. Incorrect installation may cause your unit to break down much earlier than expected and in turn cause unnecessary energy wastage. Our team can help check and manage your system so you can save on costs.

Smart Home Solutions in Suffolk County

Take the opportunity to live in comfort as well as convenience with a smart home system that links up your smart vents, thermostat, and more to your mobile gadget. Simply control them from the comfort of your own bed or couch.

Commercial HVAC Installations, Maintenance, and Repairs in Suffolk County

Businesses operate almost every day of the week. This means that your HVAC unit runs much more than it would in a residential building. The higher its usage, the more careful you need to be when it comes to maintenance. Regular servicing by Green Energy & Air Tech can help ensure your HVAC works just fine even after continuous prolonged use.

Servicing Contracts in Suffolk County

Never miss a servicing appointment again with service contracts from Green Energy & Air Tech. with proper and regular maintenance, you do not have to face preventable breakdowns of your heating and cooling systems which are going to cost you even more.

Why You Should Work with Green Energy & Air Tech in Suffolk County

Green Energy & Air Tech is a service-oriented firm that manages your heating and cooling systems using the latest equipment. Our professionals are experienced and know exactly what is needed to keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly regardless of the season. You can rest assured knowing that your units are in good hands to continue functioning properly for many more years to come while saving energy.

If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy cooling and heating specialist in Suffolk County, Green Energy & Air Tech can help. Feel free to call (631) 392-6655 to schedule a consultation with us or use our online booking system!

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